In 2013 Nancy was labeled the UK’s 15th most powerful women...and she has agreed that she is in a superior position of power...Nancy’s work in physiology has pushed forward research fields for the likes of obesity, stroke and dementia, part of the Co-Chair of the Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology Nancy is involved in in science and business groups across the country. Unfortunately it seems for every person she has managed to help, perhaps educationally or through her medical achievements her stance within the arms industry has contributed to a far darker and deadly consequences...and her strategy for developing UoM and The National Graphene Institute is based around furthering the research and development of weapon components, funded and directed by arms companies and professionals.


At our university, Nancy Rothwell has refused to discuss and at some moments silenced the voice of Palestinians and has justified it as a sound business decision. Evidence suggests that Nancy has an understanding of how weapons are used yet yeah is allowing joint research projects and to improve the efficiency and profitability of these weapons while putting pressure on UoM to comply with arms dealers objectives.

Is the pharmaceutical company that Nancy Rothwell was still a director at when she was appointed as VC at UoM.


Astra Zenca have been in and out of law-suits even paying ‘$520 million to resolve allegations that it illegally marketed its antipsychotic drug Seroquel for uses not approved as safe and for and paying over $355 million for illegally marketing prostate cancer drug Zoladex.


The company has paid guilty fines for multiple cases and even been “accused of having paid doctors to give speeches and publish articles (ghostwritten by the company) promoting those unapproved uses.”









Two other ex-exmployees of Astra Zeneca are on the University board


The influence of the pharmaceutical giant over the directive of the University’s Board of Governors has been revealed following recommendations from the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education to reduce the number of members on the Board.

Lay members of the board, Isabelle Perrett and John Stageman are both ex-employees of AstraZeneca, with colleague Dapo Ajayi also assuming a day job as Chief Procurement Officer at the same corporation.

President and Vice-Chancellor Dame Nancy Rothwell herself was a non-executive director for nine years at AstraZeneca.




Deputy editor of the opinion section of the Mancunion Ed John, statement of affairs:


The Mancunion is a media source run by the Student Union and independent from the University itself. In the same way that the BBC was designed to scrutinise government, to protect university policy and hold it accountable to the students.


It was the first edition of the 2016 academic year for the mancunion, and the editors agreed it was a good idea to do an interview with Nancy Rothwell for the new students starting at UoM.


The new features editor interviewed Nancy as his first job at the newspaper so to give new students an insight of the uni from their Vice Chancellor...


Nancy surprisingly asked to view and approve the interview before it was printed.


The mancunion doesn’t have a copy approval policy as it breeches journalistic integrity, but Nancy requested to see the article Friday afternoon 15 minutes before it was going to be printed

(was this intentionally inconvenient? Who knows!) Only Nancy seemed to be concerned with what she has said, so it does seem like she may have panicked coming up to the printing deadline.


She claimed she wanted to ‘clarify’ statements and fact check...


The journalist suspected that it was because of her response to the questions asked about how much money was put into the new hotel to which she responded “oh nothing we just sold the land”' the original journalist commented: ‘I then asked how the construction of a new, four-star hotel on campus fits into this “futureproofing” of the university, and received a somewhat surprising response. “Well we’re not building the hotel… that’s a private contractor. We actually got a really good deal with the private company, that we gave them a piece of land to build the hotel on, and in return they’re building part of the new business school for us… So they’ll own it, they’ll run it.


“We thought [it would be] great to have a hotel on campus, fantastic… but it’s not ours, that would be a commercial venture. It’s wholly commercially owned, but on our campus, and they’re helping us build the continuing education facility of the business school. And quite a lot of the new buildings have got a lot of external funding—the Whitworth was externally funded, all of the National Graphene Institute, we got a big donation for the business school, graphene engineering and innovation centre, that’s entirely externally funded… there’s quite a lot we’re not paying for.”


Questions about staff pay cut also seemed to trigger Nancy's nerves.

Direct from article: I also asked if the series of staff cuts over the last few years has been in any way to help fund the programme, and got, perhaps understandably, a somewhat frosty response. “Well, there’s been about, I don’t know the number, but it’s less than one per cent of the total, so it’s not a huge number. But no, it hasn’t, it has absolutely not been to make way for the capital programme, most of which is funded through a bond. It’s been a need to restructure, to treat facilities differently, or things have just been done differently. But no, it hasn’t been to fund the capital programme.”


Because the Newspaper, prepped for printing said it was too late to send back to her, Nancy’s office called and threatened the student union with a lawsuit and claimed the interviewer got her ‘title’ wrong! Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell instead of Dame Professor Nancy Rothwell.


The Mancuinon at this time late on a Friday night and 45 mins before their FINAL printing deadline couldn't get hold of their lawyer for advice so took the decision to pull the article which meant their centre double page spread had to be used as advert space.


The interviewer of course confused by Nancy's disapproval of an interview in which he had just asked questions...went on to write an opinion piece about Nancy bullying the students into pulling the article.


He calls her out for selling university land, her pay and the way she patronised him and ‘bullied’ the newspaper into censoring what should have been a perfectly normal interview with the leader of the university...someone who we would expect to be able to answer questions sufficiently


Rothwell then demanded an apology, something only someone begging for respect would need to do


...from here the mancunion began to uncovered more and more of Nancy’s dealings…